Ever since I was a kid I always liked Dinosaurs, well I guess most kids do! As an adult I just really like the idea behind dinosaurs — this ancient creatures that are long gone and we have this space to speculate and imagine how they looked and behaved!


I don't read comics often but there are so many absolute gems in japanese comic medium. It seems that comic artists have so much freedom in expressing their ideas and while western comics are all about supernatural, manga often covers a lot of niche subjects like mundane tasks like cooking or historic dramas.

Matcha Tea

I adore the taste of this tea and even more so I really appreciate the traditional preparation process. It's really relaxing ceremony!


I love 80s Neon aesthetic and deep synthetic sounds. I already mentioned that I like Vaporwave and while similar outrun is a different take. While Vaporwave is often mellow and nostalgic, outrun feels opposite of the same coin: active and nostalgic.


Photography is a fun, accessible and pragmatic art medium. New phones come with brilliant cameras and it's so easy to always be ready for some cool shots - and there are so many!

Zdislav Beksinski

A brilliant artist that is often considered to be the father for horror surrealism!


I used to heavily dislike Sauna but over time it kinda grew on me. Major enjoyment that I discovered is actually my new enjoyment in stressing my body - it weirdly feels rejuvenating!


Gease are probably my favorite birds. They are adorable, weird and tough!


Rats are absolutely adorable, smart and such fun creatures! I used to have 3 rats and were some of the best friends I've had!


I used to dislike coffee but since I moved to Thailand I'm having it almost every day! Turns out it's such a varied drink that is part of an enjoyable preparation ritual.

Lofi Hip-Hop

Lofi hip-hop has really been my core background music for a while now. It's relaxing and not introsive which helps me to focus on my work. Weirdly enough it also helps me feel less lonely - same effect as how people often run TV in the background.


Herbal, green, black or red - there are just so many plants that taste great when splashed with boiling water!


I find economy's role in our society fascinating. Majority of our lives are influenced by economic designs and decisions and yet it's not that apparent.


Philosophy is one of my favorite subjects to study. In general I find thinking awfully addicting to the point and the questions raised in this subjects just feeds of this weakness of mine!


Succulents are super practical and just captivating plants. They feel alien, unique and captivating while only requiring minor care - by far my favorite plants to own!


I've been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 2 years now - needless to say I love this place! It has it's faults but it has been my favorite place to stay so far!


My favorite drawing/painting medium. Watercolor is so practical and it has this hazy psychedelic feeling as if you're drawing with clouds


Chicken are adorable and quite interesting! I ever have a house with a big yard I'd like to keep few.

Doom Metal

By far the heaviest sort of music you can produce. I find the gloomy sound so captivating and psychedelic.


Such a practical instrument! I really enjoy the bluesy sound it produces and I got introduced by it by Cowboy Bebop animated show that featured one of the best players in the world - Wheeping Harp!