Herbal, green, black or red - there are just so many plants that taste great when splashed with boiling water!

I've only discovered my taste for tea in my late teens. I used to think it's such a lame drink - might as well drink water but it turns out the tea medium is overwhelmingly huge. There are just so many different teas and herbal brews. Sure you can stick with good ol' green or black tea (the actual tea) but you can also explore blends. Blend some black tea with dried bergamot (basically lemon) and you've got Earl grey tea. What about orange? Berries? Some flowers? There are so many possibilities for blends!

Then there are herbal teas which basically are all sorts of herbs that when boiled taste either nice or influence your body in some way. My favorite of such teas is simple chamomile tea which has pleasant, creamy mild taste and sweet odor of meadows. Throw in some cumin seeds and you've got yourself a bit of a kick too!