Ever since I was a kid I always liked Dinosaurs, well I guess most kids do! As an adult I just really like the idea behind dinosaurs — this ancient creatures that are long gone and we have this space to speculate and imagine how they looked and behaved!

I don't get to enjoy dinosaurs that much in real life; actually I could hardly name any. However I admire the idea behind them and aesthetically they are very pleasing!

I've been playing this game called "Jurassic World Alive" and it's a GPS based game where you go around and catch various dinosaurs and finally have them fight each other. It's a fun time waster and quite educational as well as I finally managed to learn few dinosaur names

I'm not sure which dinosaur is my favorite. It used to be some sort of raptor when I was a kid but now I'm quite fond of weird looking chill stegosauruses and such.