Rats are absolutely adorable, smart and such fun creatures! I used to have 3 rats and were some of the best friends I've had!

Rats were my first independent adult pets. I've had to lady rats and they were great pets with few big caveats. First I'll start with positives: they are super cute. They would explore, chill, eat and often act very human-like except. For me they were great pets as you can have one on your lap and do some work on your laptop or read a book - if you're a house person rats can really fit into your workflow!

The bad parts are that they love to chew cables and thing in general - it's a bit difficult to let them loose especially if you're having a bunch of tech lying around!
Finally they don't live very long and are very attachable. Two of my rats died of cancer while the other died from some unknown nerve disease. They lived almost 3 years which is really good for rats but nevertheless you get really attach to them and the short lifespan is a huge turn-off. I probably don't want to have rats for this reason anymore.