Philosophy is one of my favorite subjects to study. In general I find thinking awfully addicting to the point and the questions raised in this subjects just feeds of this weakness of mine!

When growing up I haven't been exposed to the medium of philosophy at all. We got some theology (absolute rubbish) classes that we watched harry potter movies and alternatively you could pick ethics classes which I really felt connected to but it was hard to compete with movies and in my late teens I switched to that because of peer pressure.

Later on I discovered a lot of philosophy through software, free/libre software to be more exact. The arguments made by libre community seemed so alien but at the same time so ratable and attractive - it made sense! Since then I've been a firm believer in this philosophy but not only that it opened up gates to a lot of other philosophical subjects from stoicism to weird niches like accelerationism!

I'll leave you with my favorite podscast series that introduced me to a lot of what philosophy has to offer, specifically great series on Friedrich Nietzsche made me a big fan of the false worlds concepts and how we live with them:

Episode 90 – Nietzsche pt. 1 – God is Dead And So Is Captain Morgan