I used to dislike coffee but since I moved to Thailand I'm having it almost every day! Turns out it's such a varied drink that is part of an enjoyable preparation ritual.

It's an acquired taste and it took me few years to get to it but since I've started my trip here in south-east asia I've got a taste for it.

It started in Vietnam - the beautiful "phin" coffe caught my eye. The traditional coffe over there is prepared by pouring some condensed sweet milk at the bottom of the glass and putting a little filter device on top of it. The filter is being filled tight with grounded coffee beans and hot water is poured on top. It slowly drips on the milk and by the time it's done is has gently mixed with it as well as cooled down to drinkable temperature. The first sip you take is a bitter strong coffee maybe slight feel of the milk, then you mix the glass up a bit for a sweet milky relief.
It's such a cosy procedure that really got me hooked on it.

Vietnamese coffee my favorite as described above is my favorite but there's much more to the coffee world than that. I like flat whites and cappuccinos when going out, while at home I usually stick with french press with a splash of sweet soy milk. Sometimes pure black coffee with a dash of palm sugar is such an empowering breakfast drink.