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Diving Into Web-Crawling

Where to start with the art of hoarding online data?

How to fix redis busy

How to fix annoying redis busy error when working with redis lua scripts and multiple clients

Recently I made small website in flask for aggregating educational youtube videos and I'd like to share my experience.

Getting Terminal Size In Python

Getting terminal size can be vital for your application, especially if you are doing some serious printing or drawing. There are some few tricks worth noting that I'd like to share.

My Bin: center

"My bin" is series of blog post where I cover some useful or at least interesting programs, scripts or hacks that I have in my ~/bin. In this one I cover a small pipeable app that simply centers text to your terminal size.

Guide: setup for python scripting

Short guide on how to setup an environment for executable python scripts

How to get scrapy help.

Few suggestions how to ask questions correctly and where to ask them regarding using scrapy web-crawling framework.

Pycon PL + Warsaw report

Pycon Poland and Warsaw aftermath: a summary of my experience in Pycon Poland and Poland, Warsaw in general.

How to parse complicated json trees.

Often when web-crawling you can find access to website's api which provides direct JSON of a product, however it's not always so easy to find what you need in what could be a multi-layer mess of a json.

Going to Pycon Poland!

Going to Pycon PL and checking out Warsaw!