Few python scripts can make your daily routines significantly easier and enjoyable. In this post I'll cover how to set up your linux environment to have your scripts always easily accessible.
In other words, how to make this reality:

$ amicool 
Yes you are, keep it up!

To start off we need to create a directory where your scripts be located. A de facto standard is ~/bin:

$ mkdir bin

Handling the PATH

Now depending on your system and the shell you use, this directory might already be created or might not be in your PATH environment at all.
PATH environment variable is a list of locations your shell will look for executable files - programs in other words. So if you're using good ol' bash simply adding this line to your ~/.bashrc file will do:

export PATH="~/bin:$PATH"

Creating the script

Now we can create the script itself:

$ touch ~/bin/amicool 

Notice that we do not use .py extension, because linux takes executables in PATH literally and we don't want to type the extension whenever we call the script.
We should populate this script with some actual code:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print("Yes you are, keep it up!")

Notice that we start of the file with #!/usr/bin/env python3. This is called shebang, it's basically a header that tells your operating system what to use to execute the file, in this case we want to use python3.
Afterwards we have the most simple of python code that just prints some text when call it directly, you see when you call a python module directly the magic variable __name__ is being set to '__main__' so you can gate some code in your script behind it so it would only be executed if it's called directly as opposed by being imported by some other module.

Making it executable

Lastly we want to mark our file "executable" so the operating system know it can actually call this file as a script or a program:

chmod +x ~/bin/amicool

And there we go! Your script is good to go and whenever you feel inadequate regarding your coolness just type:

$ amicool
Yes you are, keep it up!