I'm a big fan of doom metal and to my surprise a brilliant rock club "Woodstock" was holding a concert featuring 3 brilliant bands: Dopelord[PL], Sunnata[PL] and Stoned Jesus[UA].

The Procession II

I've attended Stoned Jesus concert last year at the same place and it was a blast, so even though I wasn't familiar with the other two bands, Stoned Jesus was more than enough to convince me this time.
I tried to keep the other two bands a surprise and only caved during the long and tedious bus ride to the concert itself. I've listened to the top 3 songs on spotify and was completely stoked!

The club Woodstock is pretty small and was totally packed throughout the entirety of the concert, which started at 8:30 and went a bit over midnight, so that's almost 4 hours of hard metal music from three very distinct and brilliant bands!
We had not only Estonian fans, but also Fins, Russians and even Swedes there. Looking back, I'm very surprised how the club managed to fit in so many people.

The band that opened up was Dopelord, a doom/stone metal band from Poland that was founded back in 2010. They're probably the most doom-like band of the three bands and I couldn't help but feel reminded of my favorite band Electric Wizard which just like Dopelord took inspiration from old movies and witchcraft.

The second band was Sunnata, which is also from Poland.
Sunnata formed in 2008 and overall they sound very much doom, though maybe a bit more on the upbeat side, which is not a bad thing by any means, in fact it was very fitting pacing wise for this particular show.

As a side note I'd like to mention the guitarist's wicked-fabulous hair that had a dedicated fan for full potential.

Sunnata's guitarist

The third and final band was the star of the show - Stoned Jesus. Definitely the most known band in the show and one of the more known recent bands in the stone rock/metal genre. Some people would disagree with me regarding doom metal(or metal in general) classification, but there are definitely noticeable elements in songs like Electric Mistress and it's especially noticeable during live shows!

It was a 5-year anniversary of their most well known album Seven Thunders Roar and the band was very sincere and thankful to the fans for the support throughout the years and to quote the vocalist/guitarist Igor Sydorenko: "5 years ago we played in crappy places like this, but with 10 times less people, so thank you for the support!"
To finish up the show the band played a 20 minute long encore and had a pretty successful stage dive to finish up already exhausted fans!

To summit it - the show was great and I'd like to publicly thank the bands for coming out this far up to Estonia, Tallinn and delivering such a great show! And would highly recommend, given the opportunity, to check these bands out to anyone both live and online.

That's pretty much it, a rather pointless blog but I felt really inspired to share this and publicly thank Dopelord, Sunnata and Stoned Jesus for a great show!