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I love 80s Neon aesthetic and deep synthetic sounds. I already mentioned that I like Vaporwave and while similar outrun is a different take. While Vaporwave is often mellow and nostalgic, outrun feels opposite of the same coin: active and nostalgic.

Lofi Hip-Hop

Lofi hip-hop has really been my core background music for a while now. It's relaxing and not introsive which helps me to focus on my work. Weirdly enough it also helps me feel less lonely - same effect as how people often run TV in the background.

Doom Metal

By far the heaviest sort of music you can produce. I find the gloomy sound so captivating and psychedelic.


Such a practical instrument! I really enjoy the bluesy sound it produces and I got introduced by it by Cowboy Bebop animated show that featured one of the best players in the world - Wheeping Harp!


Such a phenomena! I've lived through the very inception of it and the 80s super-consumer atmosphere is right up my alley.